Department of Chemistry

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry at Alfaisal University. Chemistry is essential to the development of society and offers solutions to today's challenges including environmental issues, sustainable energy, and the development of new medicines. The Department of Chemistry seeks to be nationally and internationally recognized for its excellence in education, interdisciplinary research, and services. The department strives toward becoming a leading source of knowledge in the chemical and biochemical sciences and their multifaceted practical applications. We are committed to educate and prepares our students to excel and achieve their goals. Our faculty members are respected scholars in their fields, as well as dedicated teachers and mentors. Under the guidance of our faculty members, students have the opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research and to gain hands-on experience with modern instrumentations.

The Chemistry Department serves the university, community, and the Kingdom by offering world-class education, providing scientific leadership, training future leaders in the fields of chemical and biochemical sciences, and involving in community services. .

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