Department Head's Message

Stemming out from its vision of creating critically minded, freethinking students with the support of modern pedagogy and technology which will positively contribute to a knowledge-based economy, the Department takes pride in its state- of-the-art curricula and experienced and outstanding faculty. As such, it is dedicated to providing high quality courses in the domains of humanities and social sciences as well as conducting research related to a wide variety of academic interests, not to mention its obligation in fulfilling the needs of both the colleges within the university and the local community.

The Department offers a set of mandatory Arabic and Islamic core courses to all university students, as well as a variety of English courses, including freshman English courses, English for specific purposes, and technical writing. The department also offers biomedical ethics, engineering ethics, and psychology in addition to a number of elective courses on a "demand basis" in the domains of humanities and social sciences, e.g., psychology, sociology, multicultural entrepreneurship, and anthropology. In addition, the department offers some basic European language courses, notably French, Spanish and German based on student interest and demand.

It is a great pleasure to be part of this vibrant and diverse academic community. Should there be any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Best Regards,
Yasser A. Al Tamimi, PhD

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