Department Head's Message

Mathematics is the language of investigative analysis, the foundation for any study or consideration regarding the subjects of the sciences, business, and to a lesser extent, the arts. Mathematics and Computer Science, along with linguistics, form the cornerstones of human thought and creative innovation. Our faculty attempt, to the best of our abilities, to impart intuition and logical modes upon our students, with the hope that they are able to grasp it and apply it in their future careers and everyday life.

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is devoted to carefully design all mathematics courses related to the University Preparatory Program (UPP), College of Science & General Studies (CoSGS), College of Engineering (CoE), College of Business (CoB), and College of Medicine (CoM) requirements, to satisfy the needs of their students. Therefore, it is vital to maximize the quality of our academic programs, supporting efforts to improve the quality of teaching in the Department using University resources, and increasing opportunities for students through research projects, internships, interdisciplinary studies, and professional projects.

In addition, the Department is preparing programs for students interested in mathematics for itself and those who desire to provide extensive insight into direct applications of mathematics. The Department offers a Minor in Mathematics Program addressed mainly to Engineering students, by giving the possibility of the Life Science students to enroll. We are proud to announce the upcoming Bachelor of Science Program in Computer Science (stage: MOE approval), and the new Master of Science Program in Modeling & Computations Sciences - subject highly demanded by employers and researchers around the world.

We hope to fulfill and nurture our students' passion for learning mathematics by co-operative education to ensure high quality teaching & learning, and meet simultaneously the needs of the students and the University.

Best Regards
Dr. Liliana Braescu.

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