Faculty & Staff - Department of Life Sciences

Dr. George Kulik
Associate Professor of Cancer Biology & Head, Department of Life Sciences
+ 966 112157748
Dr. George Kulik earned his graduate degree at the Institute of Experimental Pathology in Kiev, Ukraine and obtained post-doctoral training in the Imperial Cancer Research Fund (London, UK) and University of Virginia (Charlottesville, USA). As a post-doctoral fellow Dr. Kulik identified the critical role of the PI3K/AKT signaling module in apoptosis inhibition by IGF-1. The importance of PI3K/AKT signaling for cell survival was later confirmed in numerous publications and now this signaling pathway is a major focus of leading pharmaceutical companies. He then moved to Wake Forest University School of Medicine where his laboratory investigated the mechanisms by which cancer cell signaling pathways become integrated into a robust regulatory network, and the ways this knowledge can be utilized to improve cancer diagnosis and therapy. Research by Dr. Kulik group provides insight into the linkage between emotional stress and the regulation of anti-apoptotic pathways in tumors.
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Volodymyr Dvornyk
Associate Professor of Biology & Genetics vdvornyk@alfaisal.edu
Tel: + 966 11 215 7656
Dr. Dvornyk obtained his PhD degree in biology from Moscow Pedagogical State University (Russia) in 1992. Since then he has been working in various universities of Europe, the United States, and Hong Kong. His research interests include epidemiology and genetics of female reproductive health, genomics, and bioinformatics. Dr. Dvornyk has published over 60 papers in international peer-reviewed journals and books.
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Mateen Ahmad Khan
Assistant Professor of Biology matkhan@alfaisal.edu
Tel: + 966 11 215 8990
Dr. Mateen A. Khan obtained his PhD degree in the field of Biotechnology from the A. M. University and postdoctoral training in the City University of New York, and Stanford University, California, USA. He has published 22 peer reviewed journal articles in a high impact journals including PNAS, NAR, J. Biol. Chem. and Biochemistry ACS. He has published 2 books. He has been identified as one of the best young scientist at the City University of New York by Gene Centre foundation and his name has been published by News Review. Dr. Khan's research achievements has been identified by the faculty of 1000 biology scientist.

His specialization is in the field of gene regulation of protein biosynthesis and iron metabolism. Dr. Khan is working in a collaboration with Dr. Goss at Hunter College of the City University of New York, USA. Dr. Khan research interests are directed toward understanding the mechanism of gene regulation of protein biosynthesis and iron metabolism using biotechnology, biochemistry, molecular biology and biophysical techniques. Iron deficiency and overload are both major public health problems throughout the world. About 2.15 billion people in the world and 21% of the population in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are suffering from iron related diseases. Dr. Khan interest in understanding how regulation of gene expression via Iron Regulatory Protein and Iron Responsive Element-mRNA interactions contributes to an organism ability to respond to dietary iron, alterations in iron metabolism due to host/pathogen interaction and to changes in iron metabolism which occur during development, differentiation and disease. Maintaining the proper amount of iron is a challenge for everyone. Therefore, the studies on iron regulation will have useful outcome for the human population suffering from iron diseases.
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Alanoud Mohammed Albugumi
Instructor of Biology
+ 966 11 215 8983
I have completed my Bachelor degree in Biochemistry at 2011 with second honorship. After graduation, I was awarded a scholarship to the U.S from Saudi Arabia cultural mission. In 2012, while I was pursuing my master's degree in the U.S; I received another fellowship from KAUST. I have joined KAUST in 2013 and obtained my master's degree in Bioscience (cell and Molecular Biology track) from in Dec 2014. Then, I have joined Alfaisal University as laboratory instructor in the Life Sciences department, College of Science and General Studies (COSG) on August 2015 .
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Mohammed Al-Hindawi
Laboratory Instructor of Biology
+ 966 11 215 7745
Mohammed Al-Hindawi obtained his master degree from University of Western Sydney, Australia. He worked as a part time lecturer in Jordan University of Science and Technology, and a PCR specialist in Ministry of Health, Jordan. Mohammed Al-Hindawi research interests are in studying the effect of silver nanoparticles joined with graphene based materials prepared by Microwave Irradiation against gram positive and gram negative bacteria.
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