Dean's Message

It gives me great pleasure to cordially welcome you all to the College of Science and General Studies (COSGS) at Alfaisal University, a major college that sets itself the task of nurturing science, the "key to innovation and inventions," and the foundation for advancement in all other branches of knowledge.

I am truly delighted to be part of this diverse, competent and vibrant academic community operating within an enlightenedvision, thecorollary dedicated to offering quality science education; groundbreaking scientific research; outstanding service to the local community and beyond; and running in parallel to a prosperous university preparatory program.

Equipped with state-of-the art physical infrastructure and amenities, the CoSGS brings together nationally and globally eminent scholars in disciplines at the center of scientific inquiry, as researchers and educators who take to heart the college vision and mission ofsupporting its students to achieve their academic and professional goals. Our well-developed academic departments and programs encompass the spectrum of life sciences, chemistry, physics, mathematics, nanoscience and nanotechnology,in addition to humanities and social sciences.

In this complementary and one-of-a-kind environment, our students receive a novel, robust and career-focused education, along with advising and guidance through the years of their study. As doing research is not just an assignment but a vital interest, we get our students earnestly involved in both field and lab research. In particular, our promising students of life sciences and of nanoscience and nanotechnology are directly engaged in pioneering research projects in their respective areas of study and interests, and they constantly receive immense support and guidance from our renowned scientists.

Our programs are definitely feasible and they thus significantly contribute to the Saudi knowledge-based economy. Indeed, we take great pride in our alumni who are either pursuing their higher education in highly reputed western universities, or enjoying the positions for which they are eligible in the Saudi job market, and beyond.

We welcome you to join our science programs.

Warmest regards
Professor of Chemistry
Acting Dean of College of Science and General Studies

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science degree in Life Sciences with the following three concentrations:
    1. Nanobiotechnology
    2. Molecular Genetics
    3. Molecular Pathology

The College offers also four minors in the following fields:
    • Minor in Molecular Biology
    • Minor in Chemistry
    • Minor in Mathematics
    • Minor in Physics

As a student-centered institution, a distinct feature of our programs is the opportunity to involve our undergraduate students in research with faculty. Undergraduate research provides our students with the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research using state-of-art equipment under the mentorship of accomplished faculty members. In this way, our students will be prepared amply for graduate and professional studies.

Graduate Programs

    1. Master of Science (Msc) in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
    2. MSc in Biotechnology offered as part of the College of Medicine's MSc in Biomedical Sciences
    3. MSc in Biochemistry offered as part of the College of Medicine's MSc in Biomedical Sciences

Additionally, the College is in the process of introducing new BSc and Mater of Science programs that have been selected directly from the various fields of the Saudi NSTIP (National Science Technology and Innovation Plan):
    • BSc in Forensic Science
    • BSc in Computer Science
    • MSc in Forensic Science

Having successfully attracted a number of highly accomplished scientists and educators, the COSGS has assembled the necessary human resources and physical infrastructure to offer a world-class education to our students. Our aim is to prepare students who are well trained to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge. We strive to equip our students with effective skills to engage in cutting-edge research at the interface of science, engineering and medicine so as to be competitive in today's demanding job market. In particular, we want to empower our young scientists to harness the tremendous potential offered by new strategic fields such as Nanoscience & Nanotechnology for a wide range of applications in medicine, pharmacy, forensic sciences, energy, environment, water and food safety, homeland security, and industry. These fields are critical to any knowledge-based economy and, hence, are of strategic, if not existential, importance to the future of Saudi Arabia. Additionally, we aim at providing our students with a well-rounded education and a culture of creativity, innovation, incubation and entrepreneurship that will empower them to pursue careers all the way up the corporate ladder; in this way, our graduates will not be mere passive job seekers but, possibly, job creators.

The COSGS and Alfaisal University are well positioned to offer our students a number of world-class educational opportunities here inside Saudi Arabia. We invite you to join the COSGS and benefit from the unique educational opportunities available at Alfaisal University; our programs are comparable, both in contents and quality, to those offered in Western universities. Though local, yet global, Alfaisal University offers you a truly exceptional educational experience.

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