Department of Humanities & Social Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at the College of Science and General Studies. The Department is primarily concerned with instilling, promoting and refining the university students' 'Faith', 'Knowledge', and 'Performance'; the crucial underpinnings determined by the late King Faisal (MGBHS) for the advancement of the nation.

As foundation of all learning, together Humanities and Social Sciences, booster creed; critical thinking; effective communication skills, creativity; appreciation; and understanding of the self and the other, provide a wide-spectrum of knowledge and skills, and enhance sound and moral behavior.


To create critical-minded, free-thinking students with the support of modern pedagogy and technology who will positively contribute to the workforce and a knowledge-based economy.


The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is dedicated to providing high quality instruction in the humanities, the social and behavioral sciences; to conducting research related to a variety of academic interests; and to serving the needs of the colleges within the university as well as the local community.


The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is the backbone of the different university colleges in offering both General Educational Requirements, including Arabic, English and Islamic studies, and a wide range of free elective courses in the domains of anthropology, philosophy, sociology, psychology, history, literature and a number of foreign languages. The Department contributes research in humanities and social sciences and supports the university mission in serving the community.

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