Department of Life Sciences

The mission of the Department of Life Sciences is to promote understanding of the function of molecules, cells, tissues and organs with a concentration on hereditary factors and genetic mechanisms controlling fundamental biological processes, particularly in relation to the human body; and to contribute to the training of the next generation of research scientists, biotechnological entrepreneurs, educators, biomedical and allied health professionals.

The Department of Life Sciences envisions becoming a recognized national and international center of academic excellence by providing of high quality education in a broad spectrum of modern interdisciplinary life sciences to produce competent biomedical and biotech professionals responsive to the needs of the society.


The mission of the Life Sciences Program is to disseminate knowledge in the area of molecular biosciences and to nurture the next generation of research scientists, biotechnological entrepreneurs, educators, and biomedical professionals; who will promote development of knowledge-based economy in KSA and will engage and impact local communities. This mission will be achieved by developing world-class educational and research programs that will provide high quality student-centered undergraduate education. The Life Sciences research program will promote understanding of the fundamental biological processes with an emphasis on the genetic and molecular mechanisms, particularly in relation to human health and environment, as well as cross-disciplinary programs that integrate bioinformatics, mathematical modelling, medicinal chemistry and nanotechnology.

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