Department of Mathematics & Computer Science

Welcome to the website of the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science at the Alfaisal University. We are currently preparing programs for those students interested in mathematics for itself and who desire to provide extensive insight into direct applications of mathematics by leading to effective new mathematical and computational techniques for science, engineering, industry and society.

The Department of Mathematics & Computer Science is also devoted to carefully design all mathematics courses related to Preparatory Program or to other colleges' requirements to satisfy the needs of their students. In addition, the Department offers a Minor in Mathematics program, addressed mainly to Engineering students, in the same time giving the possibility of the Life Science students to enroll. We are also in progress with Bachelor of Science Program in Computer Science (stage: MOE approval), and development of a new Master of Science Program in Modeling & Computations Sciences, a subject highly demanded by employers and researchers around the world. This is particularly true here in Saudi Arabia, where massive development of the Saudi economy is underway with the goal of being the economic center of the Middle East.

To enhance the mathematical learning process for our students, our department implemented mathematical tutoring services through its Math Peer Tutoring Program (MPTP). In this context, the students willing to prepare intensively for their Math classes and exams have the opportunity to meet Math Peer Tutors (males and females) hired by COSGS/Alfaisal University for this aim. In addition, our mathematics faculty members offer supplementary support during their office hours by answering to the questions related to mathematics courses, and discussing research topics related to applied mathematics.

It is a real pleasure to be part of this vibrant and diverse academic community. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.


To become a world-class leader in mathematics and computer science by designing advanced programs and a vibrant environment for developing graduates with the strong academic and technical backgrounds.


To offer world-class education for our students and maintain a high quality research programs, the department offers a wide selection of courses that allow students to acquire a solid base in mathematics and computer science. Our teaching is aimed for developing the students' analytical skills and critical thinking capacities, and to give the students the opportunity to discover the intellectual depth of mathematics & computer science, and their relations to other disciplines.

Relevance to the KSA Science and Technology Policies

Mathematics and computer science are playing an ever-increasing role in many emerging fields of study, most notably in Engineering and the Physical Sciences. As the Kingdom is moving towards knowledge-based industries, applied mathematics and computer science are considered as strategic fields of national importance.

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