Department of Physics

Welcome to the website of the Department of Physics at Alfaisal University. The Department of Physics at Alfaisal University provides high quality physics education, producing well prepared graduates who are confident in their abilities and understanding of various physics subjects. To accomplish this mission, the department relies on its world-class faculty members. Our Department is currently offering physics courses for engineering and life sciences students. These courses cover subjects related to classical mechanics, electricity, electromagnetism and optics. We are also offering elective courses for business students related to Astronomy, Energy and Environment. In the near future, the Department will aim to offer a Master's of Science degree in physics with a focus on energy and environmental science, topics that are of critical importance for the country and the region. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.


To become a nationally and regionally recognized model in promoting and delivering world-class education through various Physics programs, cutting-edge research and public engagement.


The Department of Physics, through its various Physics courses and its student centered research activities, endeavors to fulfill the immediate and future needs and interests of a variety of students. The courses taught are aimed to prepare and equip the graduates with critical skills that are necessary to tackle challenges in an ever changing and demanding modern work environment. The Department also aims at empowering the students with high-level research skills in order for them to actively contribute to the advancement of science, technology and innovation and to participate in the establishment of a knowledge-based economy within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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