UPP Director's Message

Welcome to Alfaisal University Preparatory Program (AUPP). This program is the beginning of a new path in your academic life, your bridge to the future, and your second ‘home’ for the next year. Our academic program is rigorous and challenging and your success in the program will require hard work and determination.
The AUPP is a centre of excellence in teaching sciences and English. Our experienced instructors, as teachers and mentors, are here to facilitate your learning and the transition to the college of your choice. They will challenge you, and demand your best efforts, and you are advised to take advantage of their expertise and wisdom.
We believe that the AUPP will give you lessons for life and the skills that will advance your career. We are confident that your experience here will be memorable and rewarding. Please know that your suggestions and positive input are always appreciated and valued.
We invite you to visit our website for valuable information about the course offerings, faculty, academic resources, and for guidance on the policies and procedures of the AUPP.

Dr. Amjad Kayed Fataftah, Program Director, Assistant Professor of Chemistry.

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