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Dr. Amjad Fataftah
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
+ 966 11 215 7952
Dr. Amjad K. Fataftah received his B.Sc. in Chemistry from Bir Ziet University, Palestine in 1990, and received his M.Sc. in Inorganic Chemistry from Yarmouk University, Jordan in 1993, and then he moved to the United States and joined the Humic Acid Research Group at Northeastern University, Boston, where he received his Ph.D. in Organometallic Chemistry (Metal –Humic Acid Interactions) in 1997. Then he joined ARCTECH, Inc., a leading company in Humic Acid applications research, where he conducted applied research for technology development related to wastewater treatment and recycling of explosives, and pilot scale testing of water remediation technology for removal of organic and inorganic contaminants. In 2005, he moved to KSA and joined Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS), as an assistant professor of chemistry and assigned as the chairman of the Forensic Chemistry department, where he lead the development of many academic programs, including Higher Diploma and Masters in Forensic Toxicology. In the past four years, he supervised the research of many Masters students in different fields of toxicology including stability studies of some known drugs in human fluids, and the determination of toxic materials in commercially available products at the Saudi markets. While at NAUSS, he was also been assigned as Scientific Secretariat of Nuclear Security Education and Training Programs, where he was the official point of contact of NAUSS with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and so lead the NAUSS efforts to build a nuclear security academic and training programs. He is also acting as the chairman of working group III at the International Nuclear Security Education Network (INSEN),

Dr. Mohamed S Kariapper
Assistant Professor of Physics and
UPP Co-Director
+ 966 11215 7724
Dr. Mohamed S. Kariapper. Dr. Kariapper earned his PhD from University of Warwick, UK. His specialization is in Surface Science and he has employed a relatively novel technique of normal incidence X-ray standing Wave (NIXSW) to determine the surface adsorption structure on metal surfaces. He used high resolution soft X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (SXPS) to reveal two states of the adsorbed methanethiolate species formed on Cu(111) with different photoelectron binding energies. The interaction of alkane thiols with surfaces is of interest both from the point of view of desulphurisation catalysts and catalyst poisoning, and because these species form self-assembled monolayers which are of potential interest in molecular electronics. Results from his research work is published in high-impact journals including Physical Review Letters, Physical Review B, and Journal of Physics – Condensed Matter.

Dr. Kariapper has a keen interest in Physics Education Research (PER) and tries to implement those finding in the classroom and in the design and implementation of web-based instruction. He has authored an online courses for PHY101 (first year undergraduate physics – General Physics I) as the Principal Investigator funded by a grant awarded by Deanship of Academic Development, KFUPM (Dhahran, Saudi Arabia). And functioned as the team member of the PHY102 (General Physics II) online course. He has also been the coordinator of freshman labs in KFUPM and the key player in modernizing the labs and introducing online components into freshman physics.

Mr. John R. Jordan
Instructor English
English Department Chairman
+ 966 11 215 7728
John Jordan earned a Master of Arts Degree in English from Colorado State University with a concentration in TESL/Linguistics. Earlier he earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a minor in German, also from CSU. He also completed significant graduate coursework in Educational Technology at the University of Northern Colorado, specializing in Instructional Design and Distance Education.
John has been teaching English for over 28 years: from basic reading through advanced composition, in situations ranging from international students through online instruction. He currently serves as the English Coordinator and Department Chair of Preparatory English at Alfaisal. He also teaches English composition in the Department of Humanities & Social Sciences.
Previously he served as Learning Resource Coordinator for INTO Colorado State University, where he taught ESL and supervised user-end technology for students and faculty. This included serving as the Blackboard Department Coordinator, managing online course offerings and training faculty in its use.
John has taught students from over 74 countries of the world. His particular area of expertise is writing, having taught English composition classes from developmental English through research writing, as well as literature classes. More recently he has worked with graduate students, preparing them for graduate research and writing. He also served as the Writing Center Coordinator at both Colorado State University and Aims Community College, where he also supervised the Business Lab. John has presented many times at the regional CoTESOL Conference, International TESOL Conference, and the AECT (Technology in Education) Conference. Indeed, at the 2013 CoTESOL Conference John was awarded the Best of CoTESOL award for his presentation on alternative icebreakers and introductions.
John has long had a reputation as a dynamic classroom instructor—innovative, involved, conscientious and caring, with an exceptional facility with technology in the classroom. For many years John has taught hundreds of Arab students, most of them hailing from the Gulf countries. Indeed, Colorado State University experienced a "Saudi tsunami" starting in 2006. He is happy to reverse the tide by moving to Riyadh and teaching at Alfaisal.

Ms.Gada Korayim
Assitant Dean
( Women's Campus) gkorayim@alfaisal.edu
+ 966 11 215 7976
- PhD Enrolled, Global Executive Doctorate Education, University of Southern California, USA (Cohort 2014)
- MBA, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, USA, 2015
- MA, Education, Specialization in Curriculum and Technology University of Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona, 2003
- Bachelor of Science in Management , St. John's University, New York, 1990
- TESOL Certificate , Midwest Education Group (MEG), Chicago, USA, 2012
- Master Trainer Certificate, TESOL, Midwest Education Group, Chicago, USA, 2012
- ESL Certificate, New Jersey City University, New Jersey, USA, 2006
- New Jersey State Certificate, Elementary Education, K-12, New Jersey Board of Education, 2006

Brenton Nesseth
Instructor of English
+ 966 11 215 7934
Brenton Nesseth comes to Alfaisal University from Kalamazoo, Michigan of the United States. He brings a rich background in education, business and international life to his students. Professional life began with a BBA degree from Western Michigan University followed by 17 years of work in the mortgage banking and real estate sectors. While licensed as a residential and commercial market value analyst and appraiser he began to accept opportunities to speak and teach in the area of real estate valuation.

In 1996 Mr Nesseth accepted an opportunity to teach Cross Cultural Business Communication, Technology Transfer, and International Trade courses at Baltic State Technical University in St. Petersburg Russia. Three years later he accepted appointment to Western Michigan University as a City Program Developer for International Students Incorporated. In 2010 he completed his MA-TESOL work with Cornerstone University and was hired by the Saudi Monetary Agency to teach English at the Institute of Banking in Riyadh. In 2012 a short term teaching opportunity was accepted in LiuZhou China where he taught English in corporate environments including the General Motors-Sino Corp joint venture, Wulong Auto Manufacturing and Z-Corp, a German-Chinese heavy transmission joint venture.

Other teaching opportunities have included corporate training with Whirlpool Corp, Kellogg's Corp and Eaton Corp. all of whom are Michigan based global enterprises.

Brent has a strong interest in the interface of English and Business, particularly in leveraging the tools of communication technology to provide efficient, cost effective solutions that facilitate need-based and focused English language learning. Equipping people with the English needed to access knowledge and foster personal growth is an enduring passion that aligns well with Alfaisal's foundational goals.

Justin Abel
Instructor of English
+ 966 11 215 7693
Justin has a diverse academic background. After studying in the Adult Education program, He completed the coursework and thesis for a Masters in Literature at Eastern Washington University. He had taught at Eastern Washington University for three years prior to joining the Alfaisal University team. He has also earned a BA in creative writing and even completed film studies.

John Andrew Fulghum
English Instructor
+ 966 11 215 8944
John Fulghum has been an EFL/ESL instructor for nearly15 years. He has worked overseas in East Asia (Japan and Korea) as well as South and Central America. John specializes in teaching English for Specific Purposes. In Seoul, Korea he designed a specialized financial English curriculum for the Korean Central Bank and Price Waterhouse Korea as well as an MBA preparation English course for executives at Hyundai Motors. As a second year Senior English Language Fellow John developed a Legal English Curriculum for Turkish lawyers and other legal professionals for the Ankara Bar Association in Ankara, Turkey.

John received his Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Memphis in 1997 and has taught English in many countries (e.g., South Korea, Chile, Guatemala, and Japan) in a variety of educational contexts. Over the course of his language-teaching career, he has conducted numerous business English classes on topics ranging from job interview strategies to how to give effective presentations in English. He has also taught Spanish for several years. In his spare time, John enjoys swimming, running, hiking, biking, skydiving, reading and playing racquetball wherever he can find a court.

Mark Edward Loker
Instructor of English
+ 966 11 215 8966
Mr. Mark Loker has been working at Alfaisal University since September of 2015. He graduated from DePauw University with a Bachelors Degree in German and from Indiana State University with a Masters Degree in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language). He was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and has travelled to most of the states in the US. He has also been to twenty countries. He loves the adventure of travelling and exploring exotic places and foods. He has been fortunate enough to have lived in Germany, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia. After having spent a semester abroad in Germany as an undergraduate student, he became interested in living abroad. He taught English in South Korea for three and a half years, and he worked for two years as a Training Specialist at the Royal Saudi Air Force Headquarters in Riyadh. He loves teaching because he gets paid to interact and converse with people, spread ideas that are important to him, learn from people, and meet interesting people from all over the world. He really loves learning about other cultures, their histories, and their similarities and differences. He also enjoys teaching what he learns about all that to others. In his free time, he enjoys doing genealogy research and listening to philosophy lectures. He also enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Zakariya Latif
Instructor of English
+ 966 11 215 8966
Zakariya A. Latif joins the Aflaisal UPP in the English department after having spent 5 years teaching at Bucheon University in South Korea. He earned his M.Ed. degree with a focus in international teaching from Framingham State University, in Framingham, Massachusetts. Prior to that, he earned a BA in sociology from Louisiana Tech University, where he was also a student athlete. He holds a CELTA certification from the British Council and is passionate about not only teaching language, but also in studying language as well.

Whilst living in Korea, Zakariya toured many countries in Asia and studied Korean at the university level. He is now proficient in Korean and Portuguese and is excited for the challenges that Arabic presents. He believes that by becoming a language student himself, his ability to think abstractly and empathize with his students is greatly improved. For this reason and others, Zakariya intends to study languages for as long as he is able. Some of his research interests include, but are not limited to, multimedia integration for language learning, cross-cultural awareness and its role in EFL, and virtual reality as a language-learning tool.

With the high level of emphasis placed on research at Alfaisal University, Zakariya hopes to deepen his knowledge of education and TESOL, while learning from his colleagues and mentors and participating in conferences within the greater region, of which there are many annually.

Dr. Saddam M. Muthana,
Ph. D.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
+ 966 11 215 7717
Dr. Saddam Muthana obtained his B. S. in Chemistry (2003) and M. S. in Chemistry (2004) from the California State University at Fresno, USA. In 2009 he obtained his Ph.D. degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of California at Davis, USA; where he used chemical and enzymatic approaches to obtain complex carbohydrates and glycoconjugates. After taking a teaching position for one year at the University of California at Merced, he pursued a postdoctoral position at the National Cancer Institute/ National Institutes of Health, USA. As postdoctoral fellow he constructed and used glycan microarrays to study the roles of carbohydrates in cancer immunology and to identify clinically useful biomarkers. He has published over 20 peer-reviewed scholarly articles in major and high impact journals including Journal of American Chemical Society (JACS), Journal of Organic Chemistry, and ACS Chemical Biology. He has presented his research work at various meetings and international conferences including the American Chemical Society Meetings and Gordon Research Conferences. Additionally, Dr. Muthana has intense teaching experience and was the recipient of the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award from the University of California at Davis in 2009.

Dr. Muthana research interests are in the interface of chemistry and biology with focus on understanding the roles of carbohydrates in biological and pathological processes. He is interested in biomarker discovery, glyconanotechnology, and designing and synthesizing biologically active molecules. His interdisciplinary research will have an impact in the areas of chemistry, biology, and drug discovery. Students in his laboratory will have the opportunity to train in both chemical and enzymatic synthesis, chemical biology, glyconanotechnology, and high-throughput screening.

Dr. Farid Amalou
Assistant Professor of Physics
+ 966 11 215 8959
Dr. Farid Amalou has strong scientific and technical background in Microsystems design and manufacturing. He received his PhD in Micro-Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) in 2003. He is an expert in the development of fully automated and integrated bio-systems, with an extensive knowledge in micro-magnetics applied to bio-applications. He has actively contributed to life sciences related projects, which include the development of novel fully automated microfluidic platforms for synthetic biology applications at Heriot-Watt University. He has also introduced new manufacturing processes for miniaturized ultrasound devices for medical applications in collaboration with the University of Dundee. He has authored and co-authored several innovations and patents, and has published the results of his research in high-impact journals including Applied Physics Letters and Physical Review B. Farid is also Co-Founder of AccFluidics Ltd., a UK-based company that specializes in microsystems for life sciences applications, and has held the prestigious Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) Enterprise Fellowship that is aimed at entrepreneurial young scientists who wish to set up technology companies in Scotland.

Dr. Abdulrahman Soliman
Assistant Professor
+ 966 11 215 7925
Dr. Abdel-Rahman Soliman received his BS in Chemistry and MS in Physical Chemistry degrees from Cairo University in Egypt. Then he moved to the United States to join El- Shall's research group at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) where he received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry on growth mechanisms of complex organics in the gas phase and on metal nanoparticles. After getting his Ph.D. he was appointed a teaching adjunct at VCU for one year then he moved to the gulf area to join King Saud University as an Assistant Professor in 2012. Finally, he joined Alfaisal University working in the Chemistry Department in the College of Science and General Studies.

His research interests are in the Ion-Chemistry, Gas-Phase Cluster Polymerization, Cataly- sis, Corrosion and Nanomaterials for energy applications. Dr. Soliman is the recipient of the highly prestigious Egyptian Academy of Science Scholarship (1998-2000), the Egyptian Government Fellowship (2007-2010) and Alteria (Philip Morris) Fellowship (2010-2011). His research results were published in high impact peer-reviewed international journals such as the Journal of American Chemical Society, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, Chemical Physics letters, and the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters and also were presented at national meetings as the American Chemical Society (ACS) and Gordon Research Conferences meetings. His current theme of research is to develop nanocomposite based electrodes to be utilized in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells as well as preparing tailored nanomaterials for energy production.

Mateen Ahmad Khan
Assistant Professor of Biology matkhan@alfaisal.edu
Tel: + 966 11 215 8990
Dr. Mateen A. Khan obtained his PhD degree in the field of Biotechnology from the A. M. University and postdoctoral training in the City University of New York, and Stanford University, California, USA. He has published 22 peer reviewed journal articles in a high impact journals including PNAS, NAR, J. Biol. Chem. and Biochemistry ACS. He has published 2 books. He has been identified as one of the best young scientist at the City University of New York by Gene Centre foundation and his name has been published by News Review. Dr. Khan's research achievements has been identified by the faculty of 1000 biology scientist.

His specialization is in the field of gene regulation of protein biosynthesis and iron metabolism. Dr. Khan is working in a collaboration with Dr. Goss at Hunter College of the City University of New York, USA. Dr. Khan research interests are directed toward understanding the mechanism of gene regulation of protein biosynthesis and iron metabolism using biotechnology, biochemistry, molecular biology and biophysical techniques. Iron deficiency and overload are both major public health problems throughout the world. About 2.15 billion people in the world and 21% of the population in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are suffering from iron related diseases. Dr. Khan interest in understanding how regulation of gene expression via Iron Regulatory Protein and Iron Responsive Element-mRNA interactions contributes to an organism ability to respond to dietary iron, alterations in iron metabolism due to host/pathogen interaction and to changes in iron metabolism which occur during development, differentiation and disease. Maintaining the proper amount of iron is a challenge for everyone. Therefore, the studies on iron regulation will have useful outcome for the human population suffering from iron diseases.

Mr. Siddiq Abdullah
Math Instructor
+ 966 11 215 7946
Siddiq Abdullah received his BS and MS degrees in Computer Science from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro, North Carolina in the United States. His research and thesis for his Master Degree was in the area of Artificial Intelligence with an emphasis on Rule-Base Systems involving the Rete Algorithm. He was awarded a research grant for this work from NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). Siddiq has worked for Fortune 500 companies such as IBM as a Systems Management Integrator and AT&T as a Network Support Engineer using his technical background and expertise. His experience in education includes being the director of a technical training center as well as teaching several technical and computer courses, training employees, and being an Academic Coach in the subjects of English and Math. Siddiq was accepted into the Upsilon Phi Epsilon Honor Society in the Computing Sciences.

Dr. Christina Bernal Sati
Lecturer of English
+ 966 11 215 7784

Christina Bernal Sati, Ph.D. has dedicated her professional life to the field of education. She has been both a classroom teacher and administrator at the school, district and state levels. Dr. Bernal Sati holds a current principal license and professional educator license in her home state of Colorado in the United States. Her research interests focus on language acquisition, cross cultural communication styles and educator preparation.

Dr. Bernal Sati successfully wrote a five federal grant and coordinated the completion of a BA Degree and teacher licensure for over 30 preservice paraprofessionals. She has co-authored articles on pre-service and in-service education in multi-cultural contexts. Dr. Christina is particularly interested in teacher/educator preparation in cross- cultural contexts. Since arriving at Alfaisal University this summer, she has enjoyed the female students in her classes and loves the passion they exude in their studies.

Dr. Sati hopes to contribute to the success of students in their academic pathways and would love to research and co-author with students' narrative experiences that portray the challenges and successes they experience as they increase both their linguistic and academic skills in their chosen pathway.

Amber Lee Ragland
Instructor of English
+ 966 11 215 7788
International Educator, Amber Ragland, has always had a passion for teaching and learning. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in French, Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics & ESL, and Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Memphis. Her investment in community growth and urban development led her to the classroom in Memphis, her hometown, where she earned nine years of experience in world language education. There she taught all French language courses from Middle School Exploratory French to Advanced Placement. Additionally, she spent several summers teaching English at the International Summer Language School in Pilzen, Czech Republic, as well as introductory Italian courses at her alma mater. Her professional portfolio includes Curriculum Development and Implementation at Memphis City Schools and Shelby County School districts, teacher development through the New Teacher Project's Memphis Teaching Fellows Institute, and new teacher mentorship through her role as World Language Department Chair. Her time in education has provided her with the opportunity to cultivate her breadth of knowledge about the art and science of teaching. She looks forward to connecting new experiences with old, and providing her students with innovative learning opportunities in order to cultivate 21st Century learning outcomes. Amber is passionate about learning languages; for her, it is essential to study and learn the languages of different cultures to understand the world better. She feels honored to join the staff at Alfaisal University as both student and teacher.

Ms. Elizabeth Marnell
Instructor of English
+ 966 11 215 7873
* MA (1998), Wright State University, TESOL
* Bachelor of Arts, University Cincinnati, Business Administration

Research Interests
* Student motivation
* Cross-cultural communication

Deborah Olsen
Instructor of English
+ 966 11 215 7974
M.A. TESOL, William Carey International University B.S. Education, University of Southern California Award - Excellence in Service and Teaching (Portland Community College, 2007) Research Interests - Aspirations and Values of Female College Students in Saudi Arabia

Mrs Shauna Noor A-Khatib
Instructor of English
+ 966 11 215 7993
- M.S. in Education – ESL Instruction (Honors), Hamilton College, Clinton NY, USA. 2003
- M.A. in Education – Instructional Technology & Curriculum Development, (Honors) American Intercontinental University, Los Angeles, California USA. 2010
- B.A. in English – World Literature & Culture. New York Institute of Technology, (Honors). Old Westbury. NY, USA. 2009
- B.A. in Education – Early Childhood. (Honors) Hamilton College, Clinton NY, USA. 1998

Zain Musa
Laboratory Instructor
+ 966 11 215 7749

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