Vision & Mission


To become one of the leading university preparatory programs in the region, providing talented high school graduates a rigorous one-year long academic foundation to succeed at competitive universities in the Kingdom and abroad.


Trains students in a stimulating academic environment, in the areas of English and Sciences, to become life-long learners, critical thinkers, and problem solvers able to succeed in competitive institutions of higher learning.


The Alfaisal University Preparatory Program (AUPP) is an academically challenging university bridge program that is coherent and continuous with the organizational culture and curriculum of Alfaisal University. UPP places entering students in the appropriate English language level using various tools (TOEFL IELTS and Accupalcer tests and the Test of Written English (TWE)), and provides English, Business, Engineering, Science and Mathematics curricula that clearly identify the skills, concepts, knowledge and attitudes to allow students at varying levels of competencies to confidently and effectively pursue their undergraduate studies at the most challenging universities.

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