Vision & Mission


To become one of the leading colleges of science in the region and beyond for its world-class education, cutting-edge research, effective outreach services, and a high-quality Preparatory Year program.


The college of Science & General Studies aspires to:

•Provide world-class education in sciences to adequately prepare our students to contribute effectively to the development of the country and to the advancement of science.

•Introduce cutting-edge research programs in the various strategic fields of science taken directly from Saudia's National Science Technology and Innovation Plan (NSTIP) as articulated in Saudi Arabia's Science and Technology National Policy (STNP).

•Offer high-quality instruction to Alfaisal University Preparatory Program (AUPP) students in the areas of English and Science to prepare them for admission to any challenging university.

•Pursue outreach activities to help improve the education of sciences in national and regional institutions ranging from secondary to tertiary levels.

•Establish partnerships with outside private and government stakeholders and engage them in fostering an innovation-based economy.

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